Thursday, February 17, 2011

More monitoring wells found... Leaking!

As you know, I have been searching for information on these monitoring wells found around my home.  What I know is that they are used to monitor groundwater for chemicals that were dumped into the area by Pepcon, before the explosion.  Here are some sample pictures:

The phone numbers listed on the well cover goes to a Pepcon subsidiary.  I have tried calling a few times but so far, no one will return my calls...  I'll keep trying!

This one looks like it's leaking something yellow.  What do you suppose it is?


  1. What in the world is that? Did you call the news? My whole family has been sick since we moved here. And I had thyroid cancer and my young son and husband now have thyroid issues. I know all about that perchlorate situation. It's awful.

  2. I hope to be talking to someone soon about it.

  3. The monitoring wells are not just in place for Pepcon. A vast MAJORITY of pollution came from withinside the BMI industrial park from Kerr-McGee, Timet, and Pioneer Chemical (now Olin). I have been inside the BMI complex, and all the years of remediation are just the icing on the me. We'd run into surface "puddles" of toxic chemicals that were buried and only recently surfaced that the EPA completely missed. Chlorine leaks still happen. Lots of chemicals (hundreds of gallons) from the BMI complex leak into the Las Vegas Wash every day.

  4. Fear Not: This particular monitoring well is leaking ground water that is under pressure from up gradient hydraulic head (artesian). The yellow stain is from the iron man-hole cover and metal skirting that has been sitting in the water, oxidizing over time (rust). This happens periodically with under these conditions.