Monday, September 20, 2010

Strange Fence near Boulder Hwy and Warm Springs

  I jog nightly around the area near Boulder Hwy and Warm Springs in Henderson.  Across from the Jokers Wild casino, there is an area that has not been developed.  In Southern Nevada, that means it's a desert.  This fenced in area is about 100 sq ft, about 7 feet tall and topped with barbed wire.  It's somewhat kept up, a bit rusted but not in bad shape.  The barbed wire is intact and the fence is not damaged in any way.  There is a gate secured by a padlock.
Metal Rod (1 of 4)
At first glance, the area doesn't seem to contain anything of interest, just the same desert inside as outside but upon further inspection, you can see three 2 foot long metal rods sticking out of the ground and a fourth one looks as if it has been broken off.  They are in a square shaped configuration.  At the tops of the three intact rods, there is a metal band that attaches a bare metal wire to all three.

According to google earth historic photos, this has been here since at least 1994.  This predates most of the businesses in the area.  It is located at:  Lat 36° 3'8.37"N Long 114°59'49.58"W.

Rods in a square configuration.  Metal wire seen attached to the top.
What could this be?  If you have any information, please post in the comments.  Click on the pictures to zoom in.  This whole area is strange, more to come.


  1. Back in 1972 when I lived in Carver Park, there was a fence twice the size of the one you posted and yes I have seen the one you are talking about. Anyway inside the fence was a round mound of dirt inside the fence and it was locked. One day the fence and the door was opened. My mom said, "lets go see whats in there" it was the entrance to an underground tunnel. we walked down some stairs and it was a light gray tunnel with lightbulbs in the ceiling (which were round) & they had a pull chain for off and on and I remember it was long & had shelves w/supplies, like gray wool blankets, water lots of water, and looked like canned food, sheets & fold up cots, lots of cots. That is now flattened, and would be next to Opportunity Village, but there is no marker there now. I was told that Carver Park & Victory Village, were 4 the military maybe its an entrance/exit to the tunnel that I was in back in 72, (I was in the 6th grade)...

  2. Wow, nice. Do you have an exact location? Who is this by the way?