Monday, February 21, 2011

Exploring BMI Land...

Here is a video I made while exploring the area outside of the chemical plants near Eastgate Rd in Henderson.  Now at the beginning, I find a train.  When I am talking about the bridge that the train is on, I realized afterwards that you can't see the bridge at all.  I'm not talking about the underpass...  right before that there is a small bridge, just out of site.  The video is done in HD, so enjoy!


  1. That train doesnt go to utah. Its a local train that services industries from Near I-15 and Dean Martin and Henderson, although the train originates at a railroad yard near Blue Diamond and I-15.

  2. Also note, there are underground passages throughout the BMI complex, some storing emergency supplies from the cold-war era. There is speculation that the tunnel system extends as far as underneath the Fiesta Casino as well, and that it is a continuity of government site.

    1. This may be off topic but you mentioned cold war. As of late, tuning in to 5880khz and sometimes 5900khz at 12am pst yeilds a very creepy woman reeling off numbers in spanish. When the transmission start you will hear "attencion! Attencion!" Research has led me to the fact that this unauthorized transmission is from cuba and the cuban five spy ring had used them to recieve information from handlers

    2. I have picked up the Cuban numbers stations in the past. There are a lot of unusual data signals emitting out of the Las Vegas Valley in the HF bands, most of them from Nellis AFB or the AEC site located on Las Vegas Blvd north of the strip. If people only knew how many nukes were stored a mere 10-20 miles from the strip, maybe they'd change their plans...